Assistant Trainer: Carina Fender

Carina Fender started riding family horses at the early age of 3. She was finally able to talk her parents into formal lessons by the age of 7 and her first horse, an Arabian mare, came shortly after that. With patience and determination Carina learned how to handle her very high spirited Arabian. This was the beginning of her journey learning to love, appreciate and successfully work with more sensitive and difficult horses. Carina has always enjoyed the challenge of problem solving, combining that passion with her love of equines has been a real asset in the horse industry.

In 2010, Carina began a 3 year working student apprenticeship at an Equine Rehabilitation facility and a Hunter/Jumper barn furthering her skills handling and riding a large variety of different horses. She learned and developed her techniques to work through each horse’s problems helping them towards a successful life.

In 2013, Royal Oak Stables offered Carina an apprenticing job riding and teaching students. She apprenticed and trained alongside our senior instructors for 18 months, eventually earning her right to a full-time employment offer.

Carina is enthusiastic and concentrated in her teaching style, helping her connect with the students and motivate them to achieve a higher level of riding. With her gentle yet firm nature, very keen eye for technique, and solid communication skills, she works to bring the best out of every horse and rider. A primary focus for Carina is creating a strong partnership between each horse and rider, because she believes this is the best path to success.